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How Do We Bring Your Ideas To Life?

Starting a fashion brand can be an exciting but daunting journey, and we understand that there are many factors to consider. That's why we're here to help you navigate through the process and provide guidance every step of the way.

Begin with one piece for safety and explore our quality and services at your own pace.

Send Us Your Design

Send us your design draft or picture, we can sign a confidentiality agreement if needed, then we'll discuss customization details with you.

Confirm Fabrics And Color

Selecting the perfect fabric is crucial for creating fashionable garments. We'll help you find the best fabric and color before we begin.

Make Digital Patterns

It's crucial to start by designing digital patterns for all garments, before cutting the fabric and sewing according to those patterns.


We will cut fabric based on the pattern design, and our skilled tailor will sew the style using the customer's product picture.

Confirm Sample

Once the sample is ready, we'll provide a video or photo for your reference. If it doesn't meet your needs, we'll make the necessary adjustments. If you're happy with it, we'll send it out right away.

Send Out

We can ship by express, by air, by sea. The express method is FEDEX/DHL/UPS/EMS or other designated express

Timetable for Your Sample Development

The time it takes to produce garment samples can vary based on factors like style, fabric, process, and factory production cycle. Typically, it takes 7 to 15 days.

STEP 1 Sample Order Payment-1 Working Day

STEP 2 Sourcing Fabrics-3 Working days

STEP 3 Make Paper Pattern-2 Working Days

STEP 4 Fabric Wash-1 Working Days

STEP 5 Sample Cut & Sewing-2 Working Days

STEP 6 Sample Confirmation-1 Working Days

STEP 7 Sending Sample And Color Card-Once the customer confirms the samples,we will send them out immediately.

Why Choose Elove Fashions?

Custom Clothing Frequently Asked

Provide answers to common questions your audience might have. It can help reduce customer support inquiries and improve their overall experience.

01. How Much Do I Need To Start?

Typically we see clients requiring anywhere from $2500 for an abaya design to $10,000 for an abaya collection of 800 pieces.

02. What is the price of the sample

Ans: When making a garment sample, all processes must be done by hand. The designer needs to design a paper pattern, then cut and sew the fabric according to the pattern. This will take a lot of time.

 A sample of an abaya usually costs $50-$70.
A sample of a khimar costs $30
A sample of a burkini set costs $60-$80.
A sample of sweater usually costs $50-$70.

The sample price for each garment will vary depending on the fabric and workmanship, so if you would like a more specific quote, please contact us

03. What Are The Minimum Quantities That I Can Order?

Ans:The minimum order requirements are 50 pieces per COLOUR for 1 DESIGN and 200 pieces per ORDER. For custom-developed fabrics, the minimum order starts from 1500 meters to 2000 meters per fabric type.

04. What Are The Lead Times?

Ans: Usually our sample production time is 7-10 days. Mass production time depends on the number of garments you order and the complexity of the production process.

05. What sizes of clothes can you make?

Ans: Usually, when we customize garments for our customers, we make them according to the size provided by the customer, or if the customer does not have a size requirement, we make them according to the international standard size.

Our Customized Design Capability

We have the technology and production capabilitiesto provide you with the best value and most cost effective products

OEM /ODM customized
4D technical design
Choose fabric
Nail bead process
Select Process
Custom label

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