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Our team is committed to assisting startups in establishing their own brands, and we also offer high-volume production services for existing brands.
Looking to expand your clothing Line?

We have got you covered. Our team are specializing in the development and production of Muslim clothing, such as abayas, headscarves, khimars,jilbab,kimono,twinset etc. Brands then partner with us to add their custom logo, either with custom printed or woven labels. Our low minimums for our private label program also save money when comparing to production costs for a new apparel clothing brand.

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Here's How We Can Help You
High Quality Is The Basis For The Brand

We take pride in our standards and integrity and passionate about making great, quality clothing—that’s why our reviews speak for the quality standards we uphold.

The best quality for your customers.
• Excellent wearing effect.
• Tightly arranged silk threads
• Eco-friendly printing process
• Color persistence & Well-packing

Small Quantity & Factory Price

Prevent deadstock, oversupply, and resource wastage with our small MOQ of 100 pieces per design for a minimum of 4 designs. We offer attractive factory pricing tiers for both pioneering and mature brands testing the market, as well as savings for larger orders.

With this, you’ll be able to discover as a new brand what works and what doesn’t—all without hurting our planet or incurring huge costs.

One-stop Shop For Your Brand Building

Have everything you need made under one roof with us, from garments to custom tags and packaging. Our multi-disciplinary, all-rounded approach takes care of the entire supply chain, allowing you to save time, money, and effort. Channel these resources back into your business and focus on what matters most.

Providing your customers with the ultimate brand experience.

Bring Creative Ideas To Life

Share your concept and vision with us, and we’ll help you bring them to life. Not good at drawing clothing design sketches? Don't have a professional designer to design sketches?

No problem! We take care of developing your ideas and spearheading the clothing manufacturing process, so that you have one less worry, and can focus on marketing and building your brand.

The High Standard Manufacturing Process Support Your Brand

As you know, abayas are a traditional garment worn by women in many Muslim countries. At our factory, we take great pride in producing high-quality abayas that are both beautiful and durable.

High-Quality Finest Fabric

We provide you the high-quality fabrics are soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear, while lower quality fabrics may be rough, stiff, and uncomfortable. Additionally, high-quality fabrics are often more durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that the abayas made from them will last longer and maintain their appearance over time.

Using natural coloring agent, free of formaldehydefluorescent whitening agentand other harmful substances.

Smooth fabric surface, dust and dirt can not hide, good antibacterial activity.

Elegant Beading & Hand ruching

If your designed Abaya with feature beautiful beadingon thesleeves, bodice or skirt. Professional dressmakersspend hours skillfully sewing on beads and pearls toperfect an elegant and classic design for you.

What's more ruched detailing is not just decoration for yourdress-it can help create a figure-flattering silhouette. Our tailors do all ruching by hand to create the perfect shape and fullness on each dress.

Measuring &Cutting

All our abaya are accurate measured and exact cutted to flatter the figure and maintain their appearance over time.

We also use advanced technology to ensure that delicate cut-outs, crisp geometric shapes, each piece of fabric is cut precisely to the correct size and shape.


We sew every dress carefully both with hand and sewing machines. We have the best skilled sewing technicians. We pay attention to every details of sewing and try to give you the best quality.

We can according to your request to select the right sewing method for your abaya designs.

Strict Quality Control

Once the abayas have been sewn together, they undergo a rigorous quality control process. Our quality control team carefully inspects each abaya to ensure that it meets our strict standards for quality and durability, including the sewing, the size and the appearance . We also test each abaya to ensure that it is comfortable to wear and that it will hold up well over time.

Garment ironing & Packing

Ensures quality and aesthetics of clothing. Ironing can repair wrinkles and flaws on the surface of clothing, making it more flat and beautiful. Additionally, ironing can also kill bacteria and maintain the hygiene of clothing. When packaging, ironed clothing can be stacked better, avoiding wrinkles and deformation, ensuring the quality of clothing during transportation and storage.

Each abaya is carefully folded and placed in a protective bag to ensure that it arrives at its destination in perfect condition to you and your customer. Giving your customer best brand experience.

We have helped Build 300+ Muslim Clothing Brands Worldwide


Great work & Effective with Communication

The work done for us has been great, timely and the construction of samples and final garments have been set to a luxury standard.

Effective with communication, we are extremely pleased and happy to have started our first collection with Elove Fasions, so thank you!

Greate Team & Great Quality!

My experience with Elove Fasions has been a positive one overall.
The minimum order quantity is very friendly for the new brand, I don't need to order too many and much worry, all of things can order in one time, save much time.
The quality of the clothing is really good too!

Happy working with Elove Fasions!

Have been having a great experience with the Elove Fasion team!

Wendy, Jack and Cindy are all efficient and are super helpful, professional and knowledgable in all aspects of production.

I am so happy to be working with them!

Lucky to have found Elove Fasion!

Since working with Elove Fasions, I have been really lucky to have found a clothing manufacturer that has not only kept a high standard of my products.

They have also continue to offer their guidance throughout the whole manufacturing process and the growing of my business.

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