Transforming the Fashion Industry with Technical Design

We offer technical fashion design services in China. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to bringing your fashion dreams to life with precision and innovation. Whether you’re a budding fashion entrepreneur or an established brand looking to stay at the forefront of the industry, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Explore our website to discover how we can elevate your fashion vision with the latest design techniques and trends. 

Our technical design process

01. Research and Concept Development

The designer explores trends, materials, and technologies for the project. They brainstorm ideas and develop a concept for the collection or garment.

02. Sketching and Design Development

The designer sketches rough designs of the garments and advances them with detailed technical sketches and specifications.

03. Sampling and Prototyping

The designer crafts sample garments or prototypes for testing the fit, function, and overall look of the design. Various techniques like draping, flat-pattern cutting, and prototyping are utilized to create these samples.

04. Fabric and Material Selection

The designer decides on the fabrics and materials for the final garments, considering durability, breathability, stretch properties, and technical design specifications.

05. Grading and Pattern Making

The designer develops patterns for each garment size, considering human body measurements and proportions. They establish a grading system for creating patterns in various sizes.

06. Technical Pack and Specification Sheet

The designer creates a technical pack, including detailed garment information like materials, measurements, and construction methods. A specification sheet is also made with details on dimensions, care instructions, and labeling requirements.

07. Production

The designer partners with manufacturers and production teams to execute the design concept. They monitor the cutting, sewing, and finishing of the garments to guarantee they align with technical requirements and design objectives.

08. Quality Control and Evaluation

The designer ensures the finished garments meet technical specs and design intent, evaluating for necessary adjustments before market.


What is technical fashion design?

Technical fashion design combines fashion and function by utilizing advanced fabrics, construction methods, and design techniques to elevate garment performance, durability, and comfort.

How does technical fashion design differ from traditional fashion design?

Traditional fashion design emphasizes aesthetics, while technical fashion design prioritizes function and performance. Advanced fabrics, construction methods, and design techniques are utilized to enhance performance, durability, and comfort of garments.

What are some examples of technical features that can be incorporated into garments?

Various technical features that can be added to garments include moisture-wicking, UV protection, stretch properties, and breathable fabrics.

How does technical fashion design impact sustainability?

Technical fashion design can aid in decreasing waste and enhancing the environmental impact of fashion production. This can involve utilizing sustainable materials, minimizing water and energy consumption during production, and employing more efficient manufacturing methods.

How can I incorporate technical design into my fashion brand?

Integrating technical design into your fashion label might entail partnering with a technical fashion design specialist to craft a series of apparel items fusing style and utility, utilizing innovative materials, construction techniques, and design methods to elevate the performance, resilience, and comfort of the pieces.