Frequently asked questions


What Are Your Minimum Order Quantities?

The minimum order quantity starts from 200 pieces across all designs for each order.

For each design, the minimum order quantity is 50 pieces per colour.

For kids’ clothing, the minimum order quantity is from 100 pieces per colour.

For custom hardware, fabrics, trims, notions, dyeing, printing, and embroidery, different MOQs may apply.

Please kindly enquire for more details.

What Is Your Monthly Order Capacity?

Our monthly order capacity is 100,000 pieces for knit garments and 60,000 for woven garments.

Can I Provide My Own Tech Packs, Patterns & Samples?

You can provide your own tech packs and samples. Do note that tech packs provided are required to have technical drawings, construction notes, dimensions, size charts and material and components listed. For patterns, we will prefer to create our own due to software compatibility and the ease of speed for changes.

Can You Create Tech Packs For Me?

Yes, we definitely can do that for you. We specialise in creating tech packs for our clients for different types of categories.

Do I Need To Provide Garment Measurements?

It will be great if you are able to provide the measurements of the garments to create the samples as it will reduce mistakes due to miscommunication. That will help to reduce lead time and delays as well.

Do You Have Existing Patterns Or Designs That I Can Use?

Yes, you can contact us for the existing patterns or designs available.

Do You Offer Ready-Made Clothing?

Yes, we have stock clothing for wholesale at reasonable cost, please contact us for more details.

Do you send fabric or material samples?

Yes, we can send you physical samples of the materials to review, you can test it by yourself to make sure the color, the texture, the finish meet your requirements. (It will be free more our VIP clients and sample order clients.)

There will be a few different types of fabric we will recommend for each design based on a few characteristics like:

  • The thickness of fabric in GSM
  • The handfeel of the fabric
  • Type of fabric (for example fleece or terry fabric for hoodies)

What if I don't like the samples you send me?

If you don’t like the samples, we can adjust them accordingly to your requirements and remake another sample that will be sent again for your review.

How much is the sample making?

Ans: When making a garment sample, all processes must be done by hand. The designer needs to design a paper pattern, then cut and sew the fabric according to the pattern. This will take a lot of time.

 A sample of an abaya usually costs $50-$70.
A sample of a khimar costs $30
A sample of a burkini set costs $60-$80.
A sample of sweater usually costs $50-$70.

The sample price for each garment will vary depending on the fabric and workmanship, so if you would like a more specific quote, please contact us

Are my designs protected?

We do not sell or reveal any designs to other customers.

We can sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep your information confidential and we will not divulge your designs and information to other customers.

What happens if I receive defective items?

For defective items, we will issue a refund for the affected pieces.

Usually, there shouldn’t be too many defective pieces as we manage each step carefully and do QC for samples, fabric and after production is completed.

Lead Time

What is the lead time for the entire process?

Ans: Usually our sample production time is 7-10 days. Mass production time depends on the number of garments you order and the complexity of the production process, it's estimated from 4 weeks.

What are the lead times for reorders?

If all details are identical to the previous order, the production time can be expedited to 3 weeks, depending on the quantity and material conditions.

Can we do rush orders?

We will notify you of the lead time upon confirmation of all details, as this is the fastest timeline. Rush orders are not possible due to the thorough manufacturing process that necessitates attention to detail at each stage.


What is the quality control process?

Our QC Process is this:After production is completed, we check 50-60% of all the pieces ordered.What we check for:

  • Measurements fall within the acceptable allowance based on the approved graded size chart measurements
  • The fabrics & colours are correct
  • Print / Embroidery / Decoration size & position
  • Defects like stains, tears, holes, discolouration, snags
  • We also check the trims, notions, and labelling position

Is your factory ethical?

We are committed to ethical fair trade practices to prevent the exploitation of workers or natural resources in the manufacturing of clothing.

Our factories do not have forced labour practices, which means that no one is forced to work overtime against their wishes and if they do work overtime, there is an extra overtime pay allowance.

The manufacturing facilities are equipped with proper lighting & sanitation facilities and the working conditions and equipment are safe as possible to prevent work-related injuries.

Some examples are that there are no exposed electrical wiring/sockets, there is sufficient space between workstations, and safety equipment like steel mesh and gloves and facemasks are available for use.

Do you work with third partysuppliers?

Yes, we do work with third-party suppliers and service providers on some processes like printing, embroidery, labels and packaging.

Do you allow factory visits?

Indeed. Factory visits are permitted.

Do you preshrink the garments?

We preshrink all fabrics before cutting & sewing them for bulk production, to reduce shrinkage to acceptable levels when you received and wash the final product.

Is it possible for my designs to bemade in specific colours?

It is possible for fabrics to have a specific colour, but it will require a custom dye job.

Custom dye jobs will incur more costs and time.

Furthermore, custom dye jobs have a higher minimum order as a bigger amount is required for an efficient dyeing process.

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